Trailer Support Trestle’s for Unloading Cargo – Trailer Support Stand

We supply a wide range of products for industrial and commercial use. Our Trailer Support Trestle / Stand is a quick and easy safety addition to protect workers and equipment when unloading cargo from lorries. It is easily manoeuvred under the front of an unhitched trailer to minimise the risk of the trailer collapsing when cargo load weight or a forklift overbalances it.

trestle trailer support-stand

Our standard trailer trestle (pictured) is SWL 50 tonnes or we can discuss your own requirements.


1500mm width
1250mm height
720mm depth

Weight appx 180kg

Comes complete with full load test certification and certificates of conformity.

Painted to your colour specification and ID tagged. Rough sawn hardwood timber on top and base.

Easily repositioned by hand – sprung double centre wheel and drag handles at both ends.

Contact us for more details of our Trailer Support Trestle’s.