Rectangular Ducting

Rectangular Ducting

We specialise in rectangular and square ductwork and manufacture it all in-house. We have many years and hundreds of successful projects of manufacturing, supplying and installing ventilation ducting to major developments. We offer galvanised as well as mild steel, stainless steel, fully welded and high integrity.

Rectangular ductwork is often preferred over circular as it’s more aesthetically pleasing, fits better into corners of buildings and can often sustain higher pressures. It can be used to connect to equipment such as heat recovery systems and also connected to items such as grilles by flexible ducting so it a very versatile product.

It can also be manufactured into bigger duct systems which is useful for larger building projects. As it is all manufactured in our factory we can give you the full range of sizes and components for your requirements.

We can meet all of your ductwork needs, so if you are interested in buying rectangular ducting, please contact us.

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