Guaranteed Service

We deliver on our promised date, guaranteed, or your next freight cost is Free of Charge, even if it’s a wagon load!

Guaranteed Quality

All our products are made to the highest standard and specification, be that DW144 or ES spec nuclear ducting. If there is an issue with any item we will have it replaced and on site the next working day, guaranteed AND pay you £50 for the inconvenience*.

(* terms and conditions apply – see below)

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Terms & Conditions

We are aiming for 100% customer satisfaction. If you have an issue with our product or service please speak to us in the first instance, we are sure we can sort any issue out. Our guarantees are real and tangible and ensure you have a risk free purchasing experience every time.

That said, we have to list these following terms and conditions.

Both guarantees apply to ductwork products only.

Claims against either guarantees will only be accepted by us if the error is within our control (for example, but not limited to)

  • manufacturing quality
  • incorrect size
  • incorrect fittings
  • wrong material
  • late delivery by courier

We will not accept your claim in the case of:

  • wrong information supplied by yourselves
  • inability to deliver because you or your operatives are unable to take delivery on the agreed date

All ductwork made to DW144 specification qualifies for the ‘next working day replacement’ timescale.

Nuclear ductwork to ES specifications will be delivered to site the next working day after completion of inspection and relevant documentation.

Your claim against our guarantees must be put to us in writing within 7 days of the incident.

We will only accept one claim against either guarantee per order.

£50 payment will be made by bank transfer within 7 days of acceptance of your claim.